How Should a Challenger Brand Market Itself?

By now you know, it’s no secret, Gumas specializes in Challenger Brand Marketing®. Though you may have heard the term before, do you know exactly what a Challenger Brand is?

A Challenger Brand is an entity that is being out-resourced by its competitors via greater ad spending, distribution, brand awareness, finances, etc. or is a brand competing in very complicated or aggressive markets. In fact, you can be a globally recognized brand and still be considered a Challenger Brand. Imagine if Nike wanted to launch a sports drink, they would suddenly become a Challenger Brand compared to Gatorade or Powerade as their lack of experience in the beverage industry renders them a defacto Challenger Brand category.

Typically, Challenger Brands have limited resources compared to their competition. As a result, Challenger Brands must think and act differently. Challenger Brand Marketing® is not like traditional marketing. If you implement traditional marketing strategies and do not have the financial resources to sustain those programs at the same level as your larger competitors, your marketing efforts will probably fall short.

So, how should a Challenger Brand market itself?

The answer is in this short video in which John Gumas, Founder & President of Gumas, unveils the principles of Challenger Brand Marketing. Watch the video

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