Janice Herwegh, SVP, Media

Janice is a 20+ year veteran at Gumas. She understands the subtle nuances of how to help our clients create powerful Challenger Brand communications strategies.

Her expertise is helping challenger brands effectively compete. Her experience and knowledge provides our clients with a unique perspective on how to best communicate. What works and what does not? How do we make our clients successful? Janice will find that point of distinction and make it noteworthy.

How do you define great advertising?
Great advertising is not only memorable but also gets great results. Nothing drives me crazier than a fabulously creative ad that you can’t name the product/advertiser when it’s done.

What inspires your work?

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love being a Mom and Wife. I am completely family-centric. And, I love to entertain – planning, cooking, decorating, and spending time with friends.

Where were you born?
I was born and raised in Manhattan Beach. My family is still there so I try to spend a few weeks at the beach every summer.

What’s the most unusual thing you know how to do?
I can design and sew awesome costumes. I’ve made Dr. Zoidberg, Pioneer, Colonial, and Vlad Vladikoff costumes.

Favorite song?
Stand By Me
Ben E. King