Challenger Brand Case Study: Allegiant Air

brand case study

How do Challenger Brands succeed in a marketplace that is saturated with larger and better-funded competitors? They have to individualize themselves, find their niche and offer something nobody else does. Allegiant Air, a low-budget airline based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has done just that.

The Role of Music in Advertising

music in advertising

Good jingles are catchy, informative and have the beguiling ability to ingrain themselves into your memory for life. Surely you can recall the Oscar Mayer theme song: “My bologna has a first name…” That tune taught millions of Americans how to spell a very tricky word.

The Five Most Overlooked Mistakes in Marketing

brand case study

The marketing and promotion of any product or service can be tough, especially for Challenger Brands up against competitors with greater resources. The objective should be to have your marketing budget generate the greatest possible return on your investment.

Are You Giving Up Too Quickly on Your Advertising?

giving up too quickly on advertising

As you begin working on your next advertising campaign you strategize the best ways to promote your project. You do your homework researching your competitors and target audience. Finally after months of planning and enthusiasm (and money), the weight is lifted and you launch your advertising campaign that includes a strategic mix of interactive and print advertising, direct mail and radio.

How Challenger Brands Should Speak to the Press

speak to press

There’s no advertising exposure more credible than having a PR story featuring your company or product in a magazine, local newspaper, online or on television or radio. Many times, our clients will ask us to help train them to become better at the interview process.

How Can Challenger Brands Get Some Good PR?

Are you looking for ways to get more awareness and exposure for your company or products without having to spend a lot of money (well, who isn’t?)? Consider this public relations tactic.

How Should a Challenger Brand Market Itself?

brand market itself

By now you know, it’s no secret, Gumas specializes in Challenger Brand Marketing®. Though you may have heard the term before, do you know exactly what a Challenger Brand is?

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