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Gumas loves sports; it’s woven into our DNA, especially sports entities that place a high priority on philanthropy. The San Francisco 49ers are just sort of an organization that believes they operate as a community trust and serves at the pleasure of their constituents. Gumas helped the 49ers Foundation articulate this genuine commitment by creating their overall positioning language, developing the foundation’s tagline, as well as naming one of their subdivisions, 49ers Prep. Gumas also created the new 49ers Foundation logo.

During our comprehensive Challenger Brand Marketing® Discovery engagement, Gumas led the 49ers ownership, leadership, and staff through an introspective process that helped extract the true essence of the 49ers Foundation and what they stand for. Gumas learned those familiar with the 49ers Foundation see the organization as the caring, passionate, and genuine philanthropic entity deeply dedicated to using football to light an academic and athletic fire in kids.

Our Solution

Gumas built the base constituent-facing language to clarify the role of the foundation as follows: The 49ers Foundation harnesses football to educate and empower Bay Area Youth through a collective of innovative and community-focused strategies. From award-winning STEAM education and nationally recognized youth football programs, to impactful community partnerships with leading non-profits, we are tirelessly dedicated to inspiring the confidence and collaboration our youth need to tackle what is possible. From there, the tagline wrote itself, Tackling Possible.

Our Work

Further, Gumas confirmed that success would come when the community recognizes the 49ers Foundation as the action behind the words of an organization wholly dedicated to exploiting football’s popularity to build confidence, inspire collaboration, and expose thousands of kids to what is possible. Gumas identified that value would be established the more assured prospective community supporters were that the 49ers Foundation name would be synonymous with inclusion, innovation, empowerment, and the community confidence associated with the development and passionate execution of nationally recognized, award-winning STEAM education and youth football programs.

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