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JEI is a franchise-based supplemental education organization dedicated to helping students develop a genuine love of learning. JEI has built a reputation as the industry’s most personalized and effective after-school learning center, consisting of passionate, nurturing, and encouraging education professionals committed to providing an enriching student experience based on decades of proven academic science. It was Gumas’s job to help JEI communicate these values to both US entrepreneurs interested in a franchise-based education business as well as parents interested in enrolling their children in an after-school learning center.

Our Solution

The JEI leadership team, along with several current JEI Directors (franchisees), were escorted through the Gumas Challenger Brand Marketing® Discovery process that led to a clear new positioning, constructed to articulate JEI’s core values and clarify what JEI stands for. We learned that success would come when entrepreneurs recognize the JEI brand as the country’s most effective after-school learning center, and, when prospective franchisees understood the value of partnering with a like-minded team of educators genuinely dedicated to creating a love of learning environment for their students. The newly positioned JEI will become synonymous with an enriching student experience based on decades of proven academic science.

Our Work

Gumas helped JEI more clearly understand the essence of their organization – Building a love of learning environment that inspires our franchisees and enriches the lives of our students – and led us to the new tagline that explains who JEI is and what it stands for: JEI stands for kids. Gumas took this new language and applied it to freshly designed marketing materials that better communicated this positioning with an enhanced color palette and progressive imagery. This new language, along with a bright, updated brand look has helped the marketplace to better understand that JEI stands for opportunity, JEI stand for confidence, JEI stands for kids.

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JEI Learning Back to School Video Ad
JEI Learning Back to School Video Ad

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