KeyPoint Credit Union

Gumas Advertising Case Study

The Challenger Brand

There was something special about KeyPoint Credit Union, but they just weren’t able to put it into words. Gumas was asked to help the Silicon Valley financial institution identify that special something and create a messaging platform that trumpets this unique positioning and surrounds prospective members with it. Internal and external research helped extract the essence of the organization and allowed Gumas to draw a bright yellow highlighter circle around what was indeed special about KeyPoint – they are born from Silicon Valley innovation while committed to community care. 

Through our Challenger Brand Marketing® Discovery process, Gumas learned that success would come when prospective members recognized the KeyPoint brand as Silicon Valley’s most innovative and trustworthy team of community banking leaders, and, when members embraced the comfort and confidence associated with partnering with the industry’s most caring financial institution.

Our Solution

Once the positioning was in place, we had to update all member and prospect facing materials to reflect the mantra, including designing a new website, as well as implement a Go-To-Market plan that surrounded and connected with the community. Gumas helped KeyPoint with their SEO management, social media strategy and execution, and all digital activity. KeyPoint Marketing engaged Gumas in all aspects of their day-to-day activity ensuring the community sees KeyPoint as the not-for-profit credit union born from Silicon Valley innovation and bred to caringly serve the community.

Our Work

Gumas further identified that value would be established the more confident prospects were that the KeyPoint name would be synonymous with trust, innovation, and the confidence associated with KeyPoint’s deep understanding of the financial needs of the tech community. From this understanding, we were able to extract KeyPoint’s core essence as, “The customer care of a neighborhood bank meets Silicon Valley innovation.” This led to the new tagline and overall positioning, Next Generation Neighborhood Banking.

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