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One of the hottest brands in data center development and management is T5 Data Centers. T5 develops, owns, and operates the world’s highest quality wholesale data centers. T5 is a team of industry mavericks whose responsiveness, engaged leadership, and willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure that their clients never again have to worry if their critical functions are running.

When T5 hired Gumas, they were evolving from a commercial real estate management enterprise to a comprehensive data center operator that builds the world’s highest quality scalable wholesale data centers in the best locations with the lowest possible total cost of occupancy. As T5 Marketing was saying before they met Gumas, “T5 builds, owns, and operates data centers across North America to meet the mission critical demands of data center users. We arm our customers with state-of-the-art, next generation data centers. Our scalable and flexible data centers are built, maintained, and operated to ensure uptime and establish an “always on” environment. With an ever-growing national footprint, we are constantly positioning ourselves to meet the diverse demands of the IT marketplace. As demand and competition for service multiplies, we stand committed to our principles of “not compromising” on our quality deliverables…”

Our Solution

As T5’s agency of record, we helped bring these claims to life through the new “Top Tier. Bottom Line.” positioning, a new website, fresh collateral images, a robust PR program, a video series, and many other prospect-facing tactics that elevated the T5 offering to the market leading position they enjoy today.

Our Work

Through our Discovery process, Gumas learned that T5 was an exceptional data center developer made up of a team of mavericks relentlessly committed to doing whatever it takes for their customers. It was that human connection piece that was missing from their positioning and marketing tone. Gumas injected the humanity that was missing allowing T5 to better resonate with the prospective decision-maker and create language that was more representative of who T5 is and what they stand for.

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