Varian Medical

Gumas Advertising Case Study

The Challenger Brand

As the worldwide leader in cancer care, Varian has a stronger resemblance to an industry gorilla than a Challenger Brand. But when it came to breaking through in the competitive world of brachytherapy treatment, Varian was indeed a Challenger Brand. Recognizing a need to rise above competitor brachytherapy treatment providers, Varian brought on Gumas to help launch their new BRAVOS afterloader and supporting software. 

Following a dedicated Challenger Brand Marketing® Discovery process, Gumas learned that in the highly under-valued, yet fiercely competitive Brachytherapy landscape, customers saw Varian as the reliable, supportive, and trustworthy global leader in cancer care with a genuine desire to provide the necessary cancer-fighting solutions to meet their practice’s/patient’s needs. As the worldwide leader in cancer treatment, it was critical that Varian accepted that with leadership comes responsibility. Varian must become the worldwide champion of Brachytherapy that proudly takes responsibility for lifting the Brachy profile around the globe.

Our Solution

Gumas’ Discovery process clearly called out the need for Varian to take the leadership role in promoting the increased survival rates of brachytherapy and take pride in their positioning as “The brachytherapy solutions you’ve come to expect from the worldwide leader in cancer care.” As Varian now says, “It’s a brave new world in brachytherapy.” Gumas brought Varian’s brachytherapy practice back to prominence through an integrated package of marketing tactics including fresh messaging, product videos, trade show support, web page development, trade print ads, and digital marketing.

Our Work

Gumas recognized that success would come when prospective customers recognized the BRAVOS brand as the long-awaited innovation in Brachytherapy and the tangible catalyst behind Varian’s reenergized commitment to the modality. Additionally, Gumas learned that value would be established the more confident prospects are that the BRAVOS name will be synonymous with trust, innovation, safety and the proven outcomes associated with working with the global leader in cancer care.

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