Gumas Advertising Case Study

The Challenger Brand

Building a quality brand was a top priority at Yonex, a Japanese sporting goods manufacturer. Generally unfamiliar to many US golf, tennis, and badminton enthusiasts, Yonex tapped into the Challenger Brand Marketing® experts at Gumas to help them better compete with their larger, better-financed competitors. Gumas studied Yonex’s current customer base as well as the competitive landscape to build a strategy that allowed Yonex to compete with the gorilla brands in each sports category in a manner that leveraged Yonex’s endorsement partners as well as better connected with their consumer and drove them to action.

For several years, Gumas designed and produced the annual Yonex Catalogue which established the annual brand theme and marketing strategy. Additionally, Gumas built out the annual themes, by product (golf, tennis, and badminton) through the creative development of print ads, digital banners, and videos. Working collaboratively with Yonex Marketing, Gumas brought the creative campaigns to life by applying US sensibilities to Japanese initiatives.

Our Solution

Television, direct response, direct mail, collateral materials such as product brochures and sales sheets, website strategies, print advertising, online advertising and trade show strategies were designed to reach consumers and the trade on multiple levels. Gumas’ fingerprints were on all Yonex marketing materials with a particular impact at annual trade shows. Gumas’ partnership with Yonex at annual golf and tennis trade shows, involving creative presentations and interactive engagement with attendees, led to increased traffic at the Yonex booth generating more leads and ultimately, closing more sales.

Our Work

Further, Yonex’s US success came in large part as a result of the strong connection between Gumas and Yonex’s US sales team. Working side-by-side with Yonex Sales for over a decade, Gumas created Trade Show and retail strategies that made the necessary impact in the marketplace to positively influence distribution and sales.

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Yonex EZONE Ai Debut | Gumas Advertising
Yonex EZONE Ai Debut | Gumas Advertising
Yonex Tennis Commercial | Gumas Advertising
Yonex Tennis Commercial | Gumas Advertising
Yonex Golf Commercial | Gumas Advertising
Yonex Golf Commercial | Gumas Advertising

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