Gumas uses a powerful and proprietary Challenger Brand Discovery Process (CBDP). Your company can only be successful if it discovers its true brand essence; that one thing that differentiates you from your competitors and speaks directly to the needs of your target audience. Discovering this may be the most important thing you ever do.

Our strategy experts will take you through our proprietary process to uncover what your customers and prospects really want from you. Without this information, you are only guessing!



Over the years, we have identified the seven keys to effectively develop a Challenger Brand:

  1. Know everything about our target (buyers & influencers) to eliminate guessing.
  2. Know everything about our competitors and how they sell to our target.
  3. Create a playing field that emphasizes our strengths, exploits competitive weaknesses and gives us the best chance to win.
  4. Don’t try to accomplish more than our resources will allow.
  5. Discover the niche that we can own and defend from anyone.
  6. Become the thought leader that provides credible/valid information and answers to our target’s critical questions.
  7. Develop a non-conventional and comprehensive marketing strategy that completely surrounds our target audience.



As part of the Challenger Brand Discovery Process, we typically conduct one-on-one, in-depth interviews with your defined team, including internal stakeholders (executives, marketing, administration, sales, etc.), current customers, lost prospects as well as others that are relevant within the market sphere. Our goal is to gather valuable data, insight and perspective in key areas so that we can develop the perfect message and overall advertising strategy.

Our process includes unconventional questioning strategies that are designed to uncover insightful data that allows us to eliminate guessing and discover the real truth about:

  • Target audience wants and needs
  • Market position
  • Competitive environment
  • Why would the target trust you versus other options?
  • What do your prospects need to hear you say to drive them to action?



Our creative team boasts some of the most experienced and talented creative and design professionals in the country. Ultimately, we place emphasis on winning new business for clients, not creative awards to adorn our office walls. That said, we win them anyway.

Our real expertise is in how we craft your creative strategy and then take your unique Challenger Brand message to market. Our creative approach works to break through the market clutter and deliver a powerful message in a way that only you can say. In short, our goal is to capture attention, drive responses, and make you famous for something.

We pride ourselves on executing attention-grabbing ideas that propel brands to great success. We provide all of the creative services that Challenger Brands need, including:

  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Motion graphics
  • Video Production
  • Production
  • Print/Out of Home
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Online/Social Media
  • And lots more


For Challenger Brands, their website is typically their most important marketing tool. And website strategy and design has become the 3.0 expression of branding. Everything your customer experiences on a site reflects the integrity, positioning and competency of your brand.

While many web designers claim to understand brands, only a web strategist who is guided by qualified Challenger Brand stewardship can really create a powerful website that engages the user. This is our difference. And it’s why our web strategies and designs are so successful.



It’s more than just a place to hang out and catch up with friends. The social media channel has become a critical part of any Challenger Brand Marketing® strategy as consumers compare, research and experience what your brand has to offer. It’s about bringing powerful and digital strategic ideas to life so you can efficiently, effectively and measurably connect with your customers. Our Social Media team’s knowledge, experience and responsiveness will make the difference between a good social media campaign and a great social media campaign.



Our intuitive approach to all forms of consumer digital interaction ensures your placement at the right place and right time. Digital marketing is a critical component of everything we do for our clients. We know it isn’t any one digital channel that positions a brand for success. And, it’s not just about “pretty banner ads” or “fancy landing pages.” It’s about creating powerful, digital Challenger Brand Marketing® strategies that maximize our clients’ budgets and results.



Strong public relations strategies are a key element to any Challenger Brand Marketing® program. Our seasoned PR team has many years of media expertise and an extensive network of contacts.

By integrating your public relations activity into your overall marketing strategy, we can generate greater results and more effectively connect you to your customers and cultural influencers. This includes traditional, nontraditional and online public relations programs.



When it comes to SEO strategy, we let our results do the talking. We utilize proven tools to ensure your brand is perfectly positioned at the instant of intent. Our Google-trained team remains current on all search trends and developments allowing us to place the most meaningful messages with the most compelling offers in front of your prospect at the optimum moment for conversion.