Philanthropy Marketing – Getting While Giving

The famous French writer/poet, Victor Hugo, said, “As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled.” A philosophy followed by many Challenger Brands who recognize that charitable activity is part of their everyday way of life and is weaved into their organization’s DNA.

For most Challenger Brands, who are competing tooth-and-nail against greater resourced gorilla brands within their industry, every aspect of their marketing campaign must be closely monitored to ensure maximum exposure for their investment. So, why would an organization commit thousands of dollars every year to charitable enterprises without shining a light on that effort? Alternatively, why not humbly accept the valuable recognition that demonstrates the genuine empathy that is part of the company’s make-up?

Successful Challenger Brands establish a well-conceived community affairs strategy that both feeds their sincere need to give back while allowing themselves to receive the rich public relations value that accompanies those efforts. This strategy should place a high priority on a singular focus for your charitable efforts. Many organizations support multiple charities in a given year, which oftentimes dilutes both the overall impact of the contributions as well as the recognition of those donations. Focus your philanthropy such that you’re visibly associated with that one charitable organization and consider developing a co-branding relationship. Such a Philanthropy Marketing program might include some of the following branded tactics:

  • The XYZ Scholarship Program – Establish an annual scholarship fund that recognizes bright and worthy students who demonstrate industry-appropriate skill/interest and can become brand ambassadors for the organization for many years.
  • The XYZ Grant – A budget is set aside every year to identify a non-profit organization whose mission is aligned with your company’s philosophy. This grant recipient would typically complete an application that helps ensure the established criteria are met and the grantee would be a worthy recipient.
  • The XYZ Education Fund – The support of educational organizations in your community through an annual cash contribution supporting industry-appropriate curriculum.
  • The XYZ Vocational Grant – Committing an annual sum to be provided to an industry-appropriate educational program focusing on a particular trade skill. For example, the “XYZ Flight Mechanic Grant,” or the “XYZ Sustainable Engineering Grant.”

Remember to support these Philanthropy Marketing tactics with email blasts and Social Media efforts to help promote both the availability of these scholarships and grants as well as identifying the recipients and sharing their stories upon receipt of their award. The overall strategy remains to focus all of your charitable efforts on a singular cause, allowing your company to maximize its philanthropy generating positive brand awareness and growing customers.

Most Challenger Brands need to empty their purses and fill their hearts a little more, and we can help. If you could use some help developing a Philanthropy Marketing strategy, reach out to us at:

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