How Challenger Brands Should Run a Promotion on Social Media

social media promotion

Halloween is fast approaching, and you know what that means: heaps of holiday-themed contests. Costume contests, pumpkin-carving contests, how-many-marshmallows-can-you-fit-in-your-mouth-at-once contests, and others proliferate this time of year. The lift in competitive spirits is especially evident on social media.

How Challenger Brands Can Get the Most Out of Facebook Advertising

facebook advertising

Social media has become a crucial component of Challenger Brand Marketing. It improves your SEO results, it’s a great way to share company updates and it builds relationships with new and existing customers. For optimal results, Challenger Brands should at least have a Facebook and a Twitter account, if not YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest as well.

4 Tips to Write Killer Challenger Brand Content

Challenger Brand Comeback

If you’re like most of our clients, you do not have an issue with developing social media content that is loaded with practical advice and great ideas. After all, the reason why you are successful is because of your great ideas.

8 Ideas to Create Compelling Challenger Brand Blog Posts

challenger brand blog

A critical component of Challenger Brand marketing is having a powerful blog strategy. Blogs position you and your company as thought leaders and experts in your field. But as we all know, just because you write a blog, doesn’t mean that people will read it. So how do you write blog posts that are compelling and relatively easy to execute?

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