How Challenger Brands Can Get the Most Out of Facebook Advertising

facebook advertising

Social media has become a crucial component of Challenger Brand Marketing. It improves your SEO results, it’s a great way to share company updates and it builds relationships with new and existing customers. For optimal results, Challenger Brands should at least have a Facebook and a Twitter account, if not YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest as well.

8 Ideas to Create Compelling Challenger Brand Blog Posts

challenger brand blog

A critical component of Challenger Brand marketing is having a powerful blog strategy. Blogs position you and your company as thought leaders and experts in your field. But as we all know, just because you write a blog, doesn’t mean that people will read it. So how do you write blog posts that are compelling and relatively easy to execute?

It’s All About How You Say It

how you say it

Developing the proper marketing mix is critical to the success of Challenger Brands. Print, digital, TV, radio, direct mail and outdoor advertising can all be effective media for delivering your message to your target audience. But if your message doesn’t move your prospects, your advertising is destined for failure.

Harness the Power of Trade Advertising

trade advertising

Simply put, trade advertising targets a specific niche. People who are serious about their industry, read trade publications to get the latest information, to learn better ways to do things and to discover new products and services.

How Can Challenger Brands Get Some Good PR?

Are you looking for ways to get more awareness and exposure for your company or products without having to spend a lot of money (well, who isn’t?)? Consider this public relations tactic.

Show Them the Benefits

show benefits

All well-written marketing materials emphasize features. Sure, it’s nice to know “the what” of a product or service, but your customers are mostly interested in “the why” of your products.

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