You Might be a Challenger Brand: Volume 2

might be a challenger brand

One of our most popular Challenger Brand Marketing Blogs was from a few years ago and helped marketers determine if they were indeed a Challenger Brand. You might be a Challenger Brand if you think “since 1987” is a tagline.

What Do You Want to Be Famous For

famous for

Forgiving the grammatically incorrect title (“For what do you want to be famous,”just doesn’t carry the same caché); if you could only be known for one thing, what would it be?

How to Design Your Marketing Materials for Maximum Results

design your marketing materials

Challenger Brands must pay close attention to every detail in order to get the most from their marketing, and that includes graphic design. All marketing materials utilize some form of graphic design. Graphic design is a critical aspect of the overall perception and image of a Challenger Brand, and it plays a key role in the success of the specific promotional materials.

Challenger Brand Case Study: Allegiant Air

brand case study

How do Challenger Brands succeed in a marketplace that is saturated with larger and better-funded competitors? They have to individualize themselves, find their niche and offer something nobody else does. Allegiant Air, a low-budget airline based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has done just that.

How Challenger Brands Should Optimize Their LinkedIn Page

advertise on linkedin

In the 10 years that LinkedIn has been in existence, it has gone from an unknown Internet start-up to an absolutely essential marketing and recruiting tool. Both mega corporations and small businesses use LinkedIn to increase their web presence, showcase their services and recruit new employees. Plus it’s free, making it a no-brainer.

How Challenger Brands Can Get the Most Out of Facebook Advertising

facebook advertising

Social media has become a crucial component of Challenger Brand Marketing. It improves your SEO results, it’s a great way to share company updates and it builds relationships with new and existing customers. For optimal results, Challenger Brands should at least have a Facebook and a Twitter account, if not YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest as well.

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