5 Tips to Quality Conversion.

5 Tips to Quality Conversion.

You’ve got a great website. It’s beautiful. Lots of compelling photos of hip people engaging with your product. Warm, soothing colors that speaks to your brand’s mission to improve your customers’ lives. Modern, legible fonts that says, “we’re smart, innovative and trustworthy.” So, what’s the problem?

Your bounce rate is lunar and your conversion rate is sub-atomic. A gorgeous, expensive website that glorifies your product, but visitors aren’t responding. What gives?

You’ve got a conversion problem, my friend. A common Challenger Brand malady that is easily treated and requires minimal recovery time. Here are five tips to improving your critical conversion rate:

  • Goal Clarity – What do you want your visitor to do? You’ve only got time to ask your prospect to do one thing when they visit your site; what’s it going to be? Watch a video? Schedule a tour? Talk to a representative? Learn more? Fill out a contact form? Pick one and use your most premium real estate, the homepage above the fold, to direct your prospect to that action.
  • Focused Messaging – Remember our “7-Second Rule?” This is a Challenger Brand mantra that says you have seven seconds for a visitor to immediately understand who you are, what you do and “what’s in it for me.” Your homepage messaging must immediately connect with the visitor in order for them to move on to your desired action.
  • CTA – What is your Call to Action? How easy do you make it for the visitor to complete the action? Be direct; tell them what you want them to do and give them the clearly identified means to do it.
  • Value Exchange – Reticent visitors may need some incentive to fill out a form or leave any information. Consider offering a professional thought-leadership document (ebook, white paper, recorded webinar, etc.) in exchange for a name and email address. Simple, “leave your name/email and we’ll grant you access to our insider’s perspective on drought-resistent landscaping.” A little Challenger Brand quid pro quo.
  • ReMarket – You may wish to hedge your bet by adding a little conversion punch to your efforts. Both through digital marketing efforts that allow you to reconnect with visitors after they’ve left your site through targeted ads reappearing during the prospect’s internet travels, as well as old school follow-up phone calls and emails, remarketing to your visitors gives them a second chance to convert. And maybe even a third, fourth or fifth chance.

How is your website converting? If you would like some assistance improving your website’s conversion rate, please drop us a line at: editor@gumas.com.

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