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Challenger Brand Madness

Like many of you, when the calendar turns to March, we think of tournament time. Bracketology. Cinderellas. Fantastic Finishes. Madness. Since this is the season of winning and advancing, we thought we’d share with you our own version of Challenger Brand Madness that requires you, the marketer, to consider your own business situation and fill out a bracket. Just like in the tournament, review the Challenger Brand tactic and select which need is greater and advance it to the next round until you have a champion of the Challenger Brand Madness (sound familiar?). And, remember, this is strictly for education and entertainment purposes – no wagering.

Every Challenger Brand’s bracket will be different depending on where your business resides on its evolutionary path. For some start ups, the number one priority is establishing the brand name, for others it may be the need to develop fresh content to prove thought leadership. Regardless of which Challenger Brand strategy or tactic is most critical to your business today, this fun bracketological exercise will help you prioritize your brand-building needs and shine a light on where you might need to dedicate more resources.

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