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As we look ahead to a bright and exciting 2016, many of us use this pensive time of reflection and speculation to establish personal resolutions going into the new year. Exercising more, eating better and stopping to smell the flowers are all admirable goals for any of us. But, why should individuals have all of the fun setting 2016 New Year’s Resolutions? We think Challenger Brands should have resolutions, too. So, for your consideration, we offer the Top 5 Challenger Brand New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Messaging Check – Let’s resolve that we are clearly stating who we are, what we do, what makes us special and what’s in it for our customers and prospects.

2. Brand Consistency – Let’s resolve that our current corporate brand look and feel adequately, if not spectacularly, delivers on the promise of our messaging.

3. Target Clarification – Let’s resolve that we have clearly and narrowly defined our target customer, completely understand their wants and needs and have tailored all of our marketing efforts towards her or him.

4. Competitive Assessment – Let’s resolve and accept that we have several competitors and we need to commit the time and resources to better understand what makes them successful and worthy of emulating as well as identifying their weaknesses and how we may exploit them.

5. Commitment to Strategy – Let’s resolve to make all marketing decisions based on sound strategy and not on pure aesthetic preferences. Knowing our customers’ wants and needs will provide the necessary background to develop strategic plans that meaningfully speak to our target and drive them to action.

Happy New Year from all of us at Gumas and if you would like any assistance assuring successful commitment to the above resolutions, please contact us at

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