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How Reviews Produce Tasty SEO Juice

For Challenger Brands who are trying to improve their daily SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance (and, who isn’t?), there are few tactics that produce greater results than the solicitation and submission of positive reviews. Search engines reward social engagement through the review process as it demonstrates a healthy customer/supplier relationship due to the constructive digital conversation. Consistent and current online reviews helps establish a Challenger Brand’s credibility, discoverability and overall SEO value.

It is commonly accepted that customers cannot be incentivized to leave positive reviews – i.e. “Leave us a review and get 50% off your next order,” however, there are several effective ways to encourage reviews by making it easier for the customer to share their experiences with your business online. Here are five such tactics we’ve found to inspire participation in the review process and keep the conversation going between you and your customer:

1. Email
Most Challenger Brands have an ongoing conversation with their customers through a strategic and targeted email campaign. In every such customer-facing email, be sure to include a call-to-action to leave a review online. This CTA should also be added to your promotional newsletters as well as employee email signatures. To make things easier for your customers, include a link to all review sites such as Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor and/or Google.

2. Social Media
Periodically, Challenger Brands should include a call-to-action for fans to submit their feedback via online review sites on their social media channels. A link can be provided to one review site per post to encourage users to leave reviews across various platforms.

3. Website Integration

Your website can be the portal that drives customers to leave valuable reviews. Review site links should be visible and available right alongside your business’ social media links, on your website’s footer and on any ”˜Contact’ page. Links should be provided to all review sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and/or Google.

4. Printed Materials
Don’t forget the old-school paper handouts. Calls-to-action to write reviews can be included on receipts, “take-ones” at the register, table tents, banners, posters, window stickers, streamers, buttons on customer service staff, etc., where appropriate and applicable.

5. Verbal Encouragement
Along with the above touch points, don’t miss the opportunity to remind your customer to leave a review during verbal interactions whenever possible. This will keep your business top-of-mind when the customer is experiencing your brand’s services or products. With the friendly reminder, tell the customer where they can find links to leave their feedback that will make the process easier. “Thanks for shopping at Acme. If you enjoyed your experience with us, please share your opinions with your friends by writing a review on Yelp. It’s easy, just go to our website and click on the Yelp link.”

Reviews are quickly becoming the search engine currency of the day that can greatly improve your positioning in search results. If you could use some assistance developing a review development and deployment strategy, please contact us at

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