Marketing Mistake #10: Always Doing Things Right

All reputable companies strive to do things right. It’s hard to maintain a sense of order and consistency without some sense of direction. Typically, policies and procedures provide the guide to that sense of order. But customers do not easily warm up to policies and procedures even when alerted to them early in the relationship.

Challenger Brands understand this fact is at the core of the organization. It’s the unspoken policy and procedure that rings true with the culture of a Challenger Brand. As circumstances warrant, Challenger Brands empower their employees to “do the right thing” even if it means straying somewhat from established policies and procedures. They realize the exponential value of a customer who has been treated properly even when it means not “doing things right.”

If a customer raises enough of a fuss in an ordinary company, they oftentimes get what they want anyway. But they had to fight their way through the bureaucratic “red tape” to achieve it. By that time, their connection with the brand has been damaged, possibly beyond repair. Challenger Brands understand that empowering employees at all levels to “do the right thing” can turn an otherwise satisfied customer into a brand advocate. Brand advocates pay enormous dividends for Challenger Brands. And who knows, met with enough experiences of employees “doing the right thing” those advocates might just become brand evangelists. Are you a Challenger Brand?

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