Marketing Mistake #30: Not Hiring a CVO

Challenger Brands instinctively realize the value that a Chief Values Officer (CVO) can bring to their organization. Because Challenger Brands operate in an authentic and transparent nature, the CVO offers the reality check necessary for the company to remain true to its core values. And, before you start to think that we’re suggesting you add another C-Suite title and layer of bureaucracy to your organization, it’s important to point out that the title and responsibilities of the CVO is one that Challenger Brands delegate to their entire roster of employees.

Challenger Brands might not have yet attained perfection (an element of transparency), but they remain vigilant in their pursuit of delivering on their values. One way to ensure this is through the input of their employees by way of periodic and confidential surveys. Are your personnel policies, brand messaging strategies, customer communications, purchasing practices, etc. in sync with your company’s culture? Do your employees promote the products or services your company offers? Do they recommend your company to their friends and associates as a place to work?

The surest way for Challenger Brands to maintain that alignment of values is by asking the right questions to the people best equipped to provide the answers – their employees. Are you a Challenger Brand?

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