Marketing Mistake #47: Selling Logic Rather than Emotion

We all know we can find a way to logically justify most any emotionally based decision we make. So why would we think that others would make decisions based primarily on logic? Very few decisions based on logic backfill with an emotional connection to that decision.

Challenger Brands realize that customers would prefer to make an emotional connection with the product they are contemplating buying or the company they are considering doing business with. Customers prefer to buy from someone they like and admire. Customers seek relationships. Challenger Brands realize this and accommodate their customers with emotionally based appeals that kindle that relationship.

Challenger Brands know that brand strategies that tell compelling stories are far more effective than a recitation of mere facts, no matter how compelling those facts might be. In the long run, Challenger Brands know that the emotional connection they make with their customers will far out last any short-term gain they might make with an appeal to logic. Challenger Brands know that those emotionally based stories will become word of mouth pass-alongs that will add exponentially to their outreach strategies. Are you a Challenger Brand?

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