Marketing Mistake #52: Not Seeking Greatness – Part 2

In the previous edition we discussed the hierarchy of leadership theory espoused by author Jim Collins (Built to Last and Good to Great) and recounted the professional side of the attribute ledger for level 5 leadership, and the commonality to Challenger Brands. The following are the personal attributes of a level 5 leader:

  • Expresses a deep-rooted sense of modesty, avoiding public adulation and resists boastfulness
  • Proceeds with a quiet calm sense of determination relying on easily adoptable inspired standards versus inspiring charisma to instill motivation in others
  • Channels ambition into the company and not on self. Mentor successors to carry on the tradition of greatness for future generations to enjoys
  • Looks elsewhere beyond self to apportion credit for success recognizing contributions by other people, cultural influences and even good luck

As you can easily tell, the personal attributes above are difficult to imagine in a leader who has mastered the professional attributes. That’s what makes attainment of level 5 leadership so difficult! But the one thing that Challenger Brands have in common with level 5 leadership in general is that special determination to achieve something beyond mere success. That’s what “makes great companies” and “makes companies great.” Are you a Challenger Brand?b

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