Marketing Mistake #70: Not Adopting Authenticity and Transparency

The corruption in the business world that ushered in the first decade of the new millennium resulted in a heightened consumer demand for a greater sense of honesty, sincerity and openness from providers of goods and services. That consumer demand became popularly identified by words such as authenticity and transparency.

Challenger Brands have seized the moment by volunteering to provide increasing amounts of both. They recognize that authenticity is an expression of the core values or beliefs of their company, upon which all product and service offerings are based. They also realize that transparency is the proof that the company is delivering on its authentic promise, which results in a sense of trust among the customer base and serves as the door to the company’s accountability.

Challenger Brands are constantly alert for ways in which they can connect with their customers by offering more and more of both authenticity and transparency. Are you a Challenger Brand?

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