Marketing Mistake #9: Not Acting Outside the Box

Thinking outside the box has long been in vogue. But what about “acting” outside the box? In his latest book, Poke the Box, author Seth Godin makes a case for not only thoughts that exceed the limits of the box but actions as well.

Challenger Brands are challengers because they challenge the status quo. They know that disrupting the market place with the unexpected is an important component of actually challenging.

By the same token, Challenger Brands anticipate their employees will go beyond expectations. Relax, we’re not suggesting anarchy, but, what joy is there in continually doing what is expected? What satisfaction can be gained from following the policy and procedure manual to the letter when you know in your heart that an exception is in order?

Challenger Brands realize that a little internal disruption can create a lot of external chaos in the market place, which is the objective. Challenger Brands seek out and reward those individuals who know the difference between “doing things right” and “doing the right thing.” Are you a Challenger Brand?

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