Microsoft Looking Glass joins the social media monitoring bandwagon.

In an ever-increasing pool of social media tools, Microsoft adds another one. Yesterday Microsoft unveiled Looking Glass, their new product that allows businesses to track, measure and analyze conversations in real-time on the web including popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. Some of the key features include:

  • Automatic email alerts on social media activity
  • Sentiment reports that track whether conversations are negative or positive
  • Flow charts that report time of day and frequency
  • Integration of data with internal databases and CRM tools

Unlike a handful of tools out there now, Looking Glass claims to integrate with not only current advertising campaign data but also with internal databases and CRM tools. The product is currently in beta testing among a select few companies; however, Microsoft plans to officially launch to businesses in 2010.

But until then, there are plenty of tools out there now.

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