New Client Alert – Blue Angel Spirits

Gumas has signed Blue Angel Spirits LLC, makers of Blue Angel ultra premium vodka. Gumas will act as Blue Angel’s Agency-of-Record, effective immediately.

Maurice Kanbar, a successful entrepreneur, inventor and scientist, founded Blue Angel Spirits LLC. With over 30 patents to his credit, Kanbar has influenced and improved everything from the way we watch movies (he designed the first multiplex in NYC) to the way doctors perform surgery (he designed several surgical instruments) to the way we drink, by pioneering a unique distillation process that brought us SKYY Vodka. Further improvements in spirit distillation have led to Blue Angel Vodka.

Jim Eason, COO of Blue Angel Spirits, chose Gumas because “this local agency has a great team, fantastic ideas and a terrific track record of building challenger brands,” he says. “We look forward to working with them.”

John Gumas, president of Gumas, says, “We are thrilled to work with Blue Angel and help them launch this exciting product.”

Gumas is a San Francisco-based, full-service agency with clients in a wide array of industries. Gumas uses Cultural Branding to help challenger brands succeed. Notable clients include Skins compression wear, the Giants Community Fund, Burr Pilger and Mayer as well as many others.

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