Successful Email Marketing Campaigns For Challenger Brands

Email marketing campaigns can be very powerful and cost-effective marketing tools. But, how can Challenger Brands develop a good email target list and attract more subscribers?

Above all, existing customers should be the first additions to your list. New prospects have to see the value in what you are providing to want to subscribe. And they need to know that you will not misuse their contact information – be sure to get permission from each subscriber. So, what are the key motivators for getting more prospects to sign up?


A recent survey best reflects the primary motivating factors for subscribing to an email list:

  • Already a customer and/or have a favorably predisposed image
  • Email address required to access valued content
  • Referral/recommendation
  • Sweepstakes or chance to win a related product or service

This study also discovered why most email marketing campaigns fail and why subscribers opt out of lists:

  • Emails come too frequently
  • Lost interest in product/service/topic
  • Email content is generally boring
  • Emails offered no significant value
  • Suspected company of sharing address

The best strategy to build your ongoing email marketing list is to be honest with your subscribers, provide them with valuable information and never compromise their trust in you. You should also invite your subscribers to share your information with others.

Email marketing campaigns are a very effective and efficient component of our clients’ marketing programs. Use them wisely and you too can reap the benefits of this powerful marketing strategy.

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