Top 10 Tips for Writing Evergreen Content

Writing Evergreen Content

Top 10 Tips for Writing Evergreen Content

Content marketing is a huge priority for most modern businesses, with the most successful business-facing companies dedicating nearly 40 percent of their overall marketing budgets to content marketing. Needless to say, you don’t want to spend a large portion of that budget rewriting old blogs and reshooting videos. Instead, strive for evergreen content – the type of content that never becomes obsolete.

This approach is easier said than done. And depending on the industry in which you operate, it might be nearly impossible. But you can try to ensure that the majority of your content remains relevant well into the future. Here are some ways you can keep your content evergreen in the months and years to come.

  1. Choose Your Content Wisely. A tech-heavy topic has less of a chance of being evergreen because operating systems and best practices are bound to change. Topics related to general knowledge have a better chance of standing the test of time.
  2. Create Content Relevant to Your Audience. The more on point you are when it comes to creating content ideas, the less likely it is that you’ll have to replace content that’s no longer relevant.
  3. Keep it Simple. Sometimes the most basic topics are the ones that people will seek out most frequently. These are also your best sources for evergreen content since less complex topics aren’t likely to change.
  4. Reference Current Stats. Using outdated figures immediately puts an expiration date on your content. And while it’s true that even the most recent data will become obsolete at some point, at least you’ll get some good mileage out of your current content.
  5. Identify Trends. The ability to show where a given trend is likely to go means you can rely less on current data, and more on your ability to explain the marketplace.
  6. Display Your Knowledge. Content marketing is tremendously helpful for businesses that want to brand themselves as thought leaders within their industries. This type of expertise supersedes your publish date.
  7. Tell Stories. Modern content marketing places a high priority on storytelling. It helps people to get to know your business, and it lends itself to the possibility of going viral. A good story endures and is a great way to keep your content fresh.
  8. Highlight Your Evergreen Content. Evergreen blog content is often buried under newer, more time-sensitive posts. Compile a “Top Posts” section that allows you to prominently display your still-relevant content.
  9. Use Evergreen Keywords. Although SEO changes all the time, there are some keywords that will be searched for years to come. Find these keywords and center your content around them.
  10. Repurpose Content When Necessary. Not everything can be evergreen, and sometimes you can’t avoid content that’s bound to go out of date. But there’s nothing stopping you from tweaking older content and representing it to your audience. It’s a great way to give aging content a new lease on life.


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